• Alpha Arbutin Cream

Alpha Arbutin Cream


O​ur Alpha-Arbutin cream can be up to 10 times more effective (without the negative side effects) than other ​natural​ lightening agents. We have combined Alpha-Arbutin, extract and our signature Caviar Cream to ​give you ​​even skin tone with a radiant glow!


  • Evens skin tone, ​radiates, and adds a stunning glow to your skin.
  • Exfoliate dead skin​ naturally​, allowing for full cream absorption and new skin growth.
  • Helps naturally illuminate skin tone. 

Directions: For the first 2 weeks use twice a day on cleansed skin (morning and night) then resume to once a day there after.

The Caviar Difference: We only use the best, smaller sized, caviar. Our caviar is purified 3 times after it is extracted to prevent unwanted impurities. All our Caviar products are all natural and have a refreshing scent.

1.75 oz

"This item also is available in our Caviar skin care packages"

Not tested on animals